Cheated by Intel Xolo Mobile (LAVA)

I bought brand new Lava Xolo x900 mobile phone on 07.10.2012 @ 17,500/- i.e IMEI NO: 911202500227079, from Ebay. I’ve been facing terrible problems with this phone regarding connectivity issues and most of the time the network connectivity is lost and there is a cross sign “X” on the network bar. The issue is more prevalent when I turn on my phone data, the connectivity is lost immediately and I have to restart the phone to get the connectivity back and that in some cases goes in vain. With a brand like Intel backing it strongly, this is a very sorry state for any product or brand. I’ve seen on various platforms and this issue is being highlighted by several, more than several people. Interestingly, the issue has been exactly the same with all of them. I’d now be doing a campaign on this to highlight this issue ​to the highest order and also will leave no stone unturned in bringing to the online fraternity about how intel has abandoned its brand in the hands of Lava, a company which herself could ​not make any market in the local market. This by far for me is the most stupid strategic tie-up of Intel with a company like LAVA who has nothing to lose from this and Intel, who gains nothing out of it but loses that customer patronage. Think over it, you are not in the age of George Washington or Morarji Desai, such hopeless and dreadful experience of your brand will definitely impact in a longer run in much bigger way. For now, I’d strongly command for the replacement of my Xolo X900 with another handset (no matter cheaper but functional) until you fix th​e problem with my handset which seems to be a comet tail that you can’t get hold of? ​Looking forward to get a response from Intel on this at least. Lokendra Saini

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  1. Dear Mr.Saini,

    Greetings of the Day!

    Thank you for addressing your grievance to us.

    This is in reference to your email dated 27/10/2013 regarding XOLO Smartphone X900 .We trust your complain has been resolved and no further issues at your end.

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    Warm Regard’s
    Bharti Singh Rawat
    XOLO Care