cheating dubai + african gang

Respected Sir, Im Dr. Rajat Kumar Sharma ( Group CEO ) Viyors Group of Companies, we are dealing with agriculture, infrastructure, Power Plant ( Renewable Energy ) and Construction, Last 20th august, one of india based women Name Raveeina Devnani, Staying on Residence Visa at Dubai, offer us to have big rice commodity deal from africa, and they like to meet us in dubai, she send the invitation for me and my partner and we reached dubai 25th august, 27 august she introduced us one local guy, name Mr. Umaran Quereshi, she said, he is her partner since 7 years, working together, taken us on trust, she said, African buyer like to sign the contract for 4 million ton rice the amount she said 1.9 billion USD, and same evening she introduced one person mr. amer abdullah ( Dubai Based )as buyer manager from africa, we have discussed and she convience mr. amer to signed the contract with our co. only, second evening mrs. raveena suddenly told me, that if we have co. in dubai then only rice deal peoples trust us, the reason she said, they dont trust indians, so she said, about his partner mr. umaran have one old co. if you take share% in his co. to pay 3 lacks dhiram, then mr. umaran will make the partner us in his co. and he will ready to change his old co. name AMZ general trading to Viyor Internation, we paid her 50, 000 Dhiram, and they took me to court taken sign on arabian language papers, and then she assure me that rice deal will be done in dubai viyors favour, then… Afric Benin Based G-Oil Limited Co. signed the Contract with us to import 4 million rice ( Yearly ) on 7th October-2013, we raised the Invoice, they send the draft copy of LC, and signed all documents with us, but when we ready the first shipment of 12, 500 MT as trial, with value of 40 crores INR, they suddenly said -“order is cancelled” and what we heared that they direcly meet the rice miller and our dubai part, and cheated in this deal, we request you kindly take the immediately action there details are- G-Oil Limited, CEO Name – Moustafa Ganiou Afolabi. Address – 06 BP 3069, Cotonou, Benin. Phone -+229-9586 55 73. Mrs. Raveena Devnani, and Mr. Umaran Quereshi, now threatining us, Mrs. Raveena devnani said, that mr. Umaran is from Pakistan origin and have high official contact in Dubai and Pakistan, he can killed or make anything in world he has like this approach, even same thing mr. umran quereshi threaten me, that if i come to dubai, he will harm to us anything and not be able to back from dubai, now black mailing us, to pay her more money, and she took this buyer now to other india based rice exporter to cheat him, same like us she did, if you need all the documents we will send to you upon your response, Sir behalf of there contract signed with us, we paid advance 4 crores to rice mill co., and 40 lacks to Shipping Agency to booked the material and shipment vessel we need immediately action, our details are Rajat Kumar Sharma ( CEO )Viyors Inc. Email –

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