Chevrolet siggma motors pvt. Ltd – complaint against chevrolet car dealer Rajesh goel/ anand prakash sigma motors pvt. Ltd, delhi road, Moradabad

Complaint against chevrolet car dealer showroom Gm Rajesh goel siggma motors pvt. Ltd, delhi road, Moradabad For fooling and replacing the new car engine into old engine and not giving the car invoice and car Rc. I had purchase new beat car to give as a marriage gift to my relatives from Chevrolet car dealer siggma motors pvt. Ltd, delhi road, moradabad they didn’t given me Rc and invoice of the car and said me that give me after some time. They sold me defective car with no papers after one month the car engine faces the problem and stops with no reason it takes too much time to start again. I showed car in service center so they said to me leave the car In workshop, when I go to sigma motors service centre they said to me that they have to change some engine parts and asked me to come later when again I go to service centre they said to me that they have replaces the overhead camshaft from the engine. Now again after the one month the car ignition not starting and make horrible sound like some parts hitting each other in the car engine and stops for no reason. When I checked my car in a private car repair shop the mechanic told me that it’s an old engine in the new car body, they have changed the whole new engine from my car and fit the another old engine in the car. When I go to chevrolet car dealer sigma motor, showroom owner Gm Rajesh goel said to me that they have sold me car with new engine we don’t know how your new car engine got change into old engine. When I said give me another same model new car with invoice and Rc of the car the owner of the showroom Gm Rajesh goel, the sales manager anand prakash misbehaved with me badly abused/beaten me with rods and threatened me to kill and said me that they are not going to replace my car and old engine and throw me out from their showroom with the help of their sales employees pankaj Sharma, kuldeep Sharma, accountant Rajeev gupta and guard. One year has been spend now they didn’t given me Rc/invoice of my car and not even replaces my old car engine. Now I want my 6, 81000 lakh rupees refund or a another new car with new engine. When I talked with their others customers they all said to me that siggma motor owner Gm Rajesh goel and sales manager anand prakash are fraud/defaulters and they have changed so many others customer car’s parts in their sigma motors workshop moradabad. When all the customers lefted their cars for the warranty period services and charged them so much money saying that they have replace the bad parts in the car. So you all peoples/customer don’t buy and get repair your Chevrolet cars from chevrolet car dealer sigma motors moradabad. siggma motor owner Rajesh goel and sales manager anand prakash are fraud and cheater and replacing the new car parts from the old defective car parts and then selling it to the customer. I could not give the car gift in marriage and the marriage broke because of that I really upset with the chevrolet car dealer siggma motors pvt ltd owner Rajesh goel and sales manager anand prakash for fooling and cheating with me after selling me new car with old defective engine and didn’t even given me RC/invoice of the car after spending one year. Please take serious action against chevrolet car dealer siggma motors pvt ltd, delhi road, moradabad owner Gm Rajesh goel, sales manager anand prakash and other sales/maintenance/accounts staff for fraud and fooling peoples and customer. Mohammad miyan

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