Cloud e-commerce pvt limited – Amount remitted not returned back – Fraud

Reported By: Sridhar.r

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Cloud e-commerce pvt limited Rajendra kailash, Sanichari bazaar, Durham Chattisgarh 491001

It started with SMS with a link of whats up saying if you have mobile you can work from home. Rs. 100 to 10000 recharge per day from home and earn. I just wanted to check what is all about. Upteen number of times used to get message. Let’s have a try. Click on link gets added to what’s up a lady props up and speaks very sweetly with name neha number is 8897783411 and she takes us through the system and starts with Rs 100 asks us to add and they put Rs 39. After a while this website user ID created and password by me then the play starts. After a while she teaches how to withdraw the amount. I gets back Rs. 239 against Rs. 100 into my account. Now this is an eyewash for me to gain confidence and reality amount gets credited . Then she puts on to called task assigner she takes over from there. Task assigner Lena comes on board and she says I will guide you through. She says recharge denomination of 500 1000 3000 10000. For just to try I recharge with 1000 the order goes up-to 3000 an odd gets credited again. I was thinking its good amount of commission I am getting. The lady told you need to recharge 3000 since 1000 done already. How cunningly these fraudsters operate. I then innocently started with 3000 recharge and then all of sudden amount started to increase went on transferring the amount from my account through UPIs. When it became too much I told I cannot fulfil the amount and told put a stop and transfer the amount back for whatever I have done. The assigner said I could have cancelled if u would have told me for which I told I did not ask u to keep sending me orders like that for which she said the system identified you as privilege client and went on giving you order to fulfill. Since you have touched the order it was all totalled to 6 orders one I had done remaining 5 was left for which she said u have to execute the entire order of Rs. 81222 after which I could draw entire amount of sum Rs. 366461. I had already put in my amount of Rs.94000 I did not have sufficient amount so I had to borrow this amount of 81222 and complete the order. This order was executed next day. After doing so I asked now order completed I need to withdraw allow withdrawal. It was done but amount was not getting drawn. Again I told the lady u forced me and got order completed now what next. She comes back and says there is eschew amount for the delay since order could not be completed previous day due to UPI did not allow money transfer of such big amt limit was utilised maybe it was blessing in disguise for me it would have been hell otherwise She told me now to fulfill the withdrawal I need to pay this amount of 73413 and she said for sure now you will be able to withdraw the entire amount which came to 366461 .She kept on insisting to clear this and take the amount. I was mesmerized and again I had to borrow the amount went to bank and deposited this amount. Here we need to know all these amounts were being transferred to individuals some shop keepers individuals very clendestinely this is being operated. Now the withdrawal. All done lady tells u can withdraw and tells me u should thank me I got the amount reduced to 3413 against 73413 and 70000 added to your account I said thank you for the help extended. She said you can go and do the withdrawal. When I did this the amount did not come to me. I kept on asking what’s the matter kept on forcing her to tell. I already smelt some fishy. These are all drama. She comes back and tells I need to pay 30% tax on the amount of Rs 436000 which worked out for Rs 138000. This is the last amount you pay this you can withdraw money. For which I told you deduct from that amount and pay me the balance for which she is fooling me saying that is illegal amount is of high value it cannot be done and u need to pay this and collect your amount for which my reply was I don’t come under the bracket of tax why I should pay tax on my amount I refused further I informed her tax amount to be paid in my name why I should pay the mall and not tax authority. Sorry this is bluff you people are converting your black money to white. I said I will not pay you pay back my amount of Rs. 235000.It has stopped here. I request the authority concerned that specially the website how that works is to be seen. I doubt the dealings are being executed in company name. The operators are running this in company name. Citizen like us are getting duped and my entire savings wiped out. Being a 65 years old man I know my conscious says I did wrong when we all know various types of racket going on. This is really a mesmerizing racket a guy like me also got caught and fallen trap. My earnest request is your good offices should reach these culprits and save people like us from suffering. I have seen this company has put many of them like me into problem. I appeal to the PMO office to take a look at this and see the culprit is brought to books. And now the telegram app that lady with old messages has gone off the hook and new task is created. All this done through a USA call and all these racket taking place. The telegram app and the website to be checked and dealth with before it turns out a big scam. My operation was 1st August to 3rd August 2022 and I have stopped interacting. You can see the image uploaded. Looking for the settlement through your office I pray to receive back my sweat money back soon. All transactions done through bank.


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