Consumer action against builder

Products and services by Real estate builder / developer / manufacturer are secured under the Consumer Protection Act.

You can report a complain in case the real estate developer has provided you deficient services regarding the following:

1) Charged more than discussed sum.

2) Didn’t give a receipt for the paid sum.

3) Delivered a low quality development.

4) Delivered a house that doesn’t follow the particulars discussed upon.

5) Did not accommodate free parking spot inside the compound / complex.

6) Did not form co-operative housing society and handed it over to its members.

7) Did not accommodate water storing tank.

8) Did not accommodate enough ventilation and light.

9) Did not convey the house inside the concurred time limit. In the event that time limit not referenced, it is expected that the development will be done inside 2 years from the date of start of construction work.

7) Did not give represents the costs against which the developer has gathered cash, for example maintenance, electrical installations (transformer), etc.

8) And numerous more, etc etc……….

On the off chance that you have complaint against developer, send a notification to him recorded as a hard copy. Try not to stress on the off chance that he won’t acknowledge your notification as just confirmation of sending is required. Send the notification by registered post or Under Postal certificate. Hold the verification of sending. The verification of sending is substantial in the Consumer Court Under Section 28A (3) of the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act of 2002 and will be considered as the notification has been appropriately served.

Submit your complaint in the consumer court in case the developer doesn’t respond to your notice.

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