Cygnosoft Technology – fraud company

Cygnosoft Technolgy is fraud company, the company name, place and owners changed for four times.
Previously it was,
1) Protech Business Solutions in Kodambakkam,
2) Stork Systems in Thoraipakkam,
3) Stork Software Systems in T.Nagar and 4) Cygnosoft Technology in Mount Road.
More than 40 peoples life is in trouble now. Each and everyone lost their money of more than 100000. so more than 40 to 50 lakhs is taken by the owners from the canditates. they dont give salary also. they wont provide job security. they wont return our money back. they dont have the intention to run the company… however it will be problem to everyone one day.. im telling this insake of your welfare. so guys beware dont join here and lose your life as we are.

Owners of Above said companies.. (Frauds)
1) Prabakaran,
2) Karthick – Boxer,
3) PownKumar,
4) Muthesh,
5) Ramkumar or Thendral,
6) Raja Vignesh,
7) Ashok
—- Everyone here mentioned are Frauds and Corporate Thiefs… They bluff like anything and make you to join here to get your money and make your life in trouble…

So please guys hereafter beware…

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  1. former employee

    yes its true. the owner of this fake company is PRABAKARAN.A from nellukuppam. he is a wanted criminal in nellukuppam kadalur district. he has 25+ cases on him in nellukkuppam and chennai. a full time notoriuos criminal and fraud. be carefull if you see him. the cases include drug forgery and etc..