Deepa House Building Co-Operative Society – mis management of the society – inability of the society to provide river water connection to roopa, nagar-bogadi mysore

Reported By: roopanagarresidents

Contact information:
Deepa House Building Co-Operative Society
Bogadi, Mysore, Karnataka

Roopanagar is a residential layout that is developed in bogadi, mysore. It is home to people from different walks of life including teachers, bank officials, software profressionals, university professors, medial and academic doctors, engineers, businessmen, nris and others.

The administration, management and maintenance of this residential layout is done by a self-serving, monopolistic, corrupt set of people. These few corrupt individuals manage the affairs of deepa house building co-operative society (Deepanagar, bogadi, mysore), deepa co-operative society (Roopanagar, bogadi, mysore), deepanagar layout (Bogadi, mysore), roopanagar layout (Next to sbm layout, bogadi, mysore), suvarnagar layout (Gohalli) to name a few. These so-called administrators form their own rules and regulations, think that they are unaccountable, are unapproachable and do not share any information or accounts of the society and the resident’s association with the residents (Of roopanagar and deepanagar).

Roopanagar in particular is still suffering under the tight fist of these corrupt individuals as it has neither come fully under muda or mcc. For now, the resident’s association is formed and managed by these very dishonest, unscrupulous set of people. They collect maintenance charges but there is no proper maintenance of the layouts in terms of road maintenance, garbage collection, street light management, clearance of debris and weed from the side walks and vacant sites etc. There is absolutely no transparency and when any of the residents question them, there is only haughtiness in their response or worse still, no response at all. Though for namesake this is a fenced layout with security gates and security personnel, lately there have been a number of thefts. When the residents raise an alarm and request that the society at least have 24/7 trained security personnel deployed at all gates and also install security cameras at all streets, the management turns a deaf ear.

The most important aspect that all the residents are worried about is the fact that roopanagar layout has been in existence for over 25 years now but still does not have potable river water connection. The ground water (Bore well) that the society provides once in 2 days, that too for just an hour or so has very high levels of tds (Total dissolved solids). Tests of the ground water being supplied to the residents by the society have shown that tds levels are as high as 1800 mg/l, while the ideal tds for drinking water is below 300mg/l, the maximum permissible limit is 600mg/l. This not only is a health hazard to the thousands of people living in roopanagar, but also the life of plumbing lines and taps etc are short lived causing the residents to spend lots of money. This has created a lot of anguish, desperation and frustration in all the residents.

When the neighboring sbm layout which was formed much later than roopanagar can get river water connection, why is that residents of roopanagar not able to get the same?

This is mainly due to the gross negligence, corruption, monopolistic nature of administration, probable embezzlement of crores of rupees by the very few people who run the show of all the above societies and layouts. It is understood that there have been several procedural errors and mistakes on the part of the society with regards to getting river water connection to roopanagar layout and the society has remitted money to various government organizations without proper due-diligence and now the result is that not only the money collected from everyone in the layout has no accountability but the residents are still deprived of river water connection.

The management of the society/resident’s association does not respect any of the residents and are only concerned about amassing personal wealth. There have been strong rumors that the few people who have been managing the affairs of the society/resident’s association have amassed wealth to the tune of crores of rupees and there has been a lot of misappropriation with absolutely no checks and balances in place.

It is the request of the residents of roopanagar layout, bogadi, mysore 570026 that proper investigation into the accounts of all the society, layout, residents’ association and the personal properties of the few people managing the affairs of the society, layout be undertaken and justice given to the residents of roopanagar. The justice in bringing accountability to the shady management, getting river water connection to roopanagar and proper maintenance and security arrangements for the residents of roopanagar.

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