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Dear Sir, on October 1st 2012 I joined the company called Deepshikha castings Pvt ltd.Waddhamana, Nagpur, Mharashtra as a marketing executive (@ 7000/MONTH SALARY). I was not given appointment letter as they said the company ids not ESIC registered. later I found that there were very weak promotional & incremental chances so I decided to leave the company on 31st July 2013, Now my problem is that, still the date they haven’t paid me my last months salary, they are asking me to resign me properly on paper, otherwise they wont be giving my salary. I said give me my appointment letter & experience certificate and then I’ll resign properly, but they refused for that also, as right now I am struggling to get a new job I am having dire need of money and the one I have my right on has been abandoned by the organization. It has been almost 3 months since I’ve been following to get the salary but they constantly harassing me either by not receiving the call or by some other means. hope you will help me out. Thank you.

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  1. Putting leg in mouth it appears. Learn a bitter lesson now so that in future you never repent, “Never take a fight or utter bad about those with whom you worked in the past” a piece of advise from me to remember. God bless you.

  2. Adv. Deepak Sahu

    Dear Employee,

    Your case seems very simple yet you are complicating it by not approaching company directly it seems. I suggest you to contact a responsible person of the company and settle this matter amicably. No management would like to default payment of any employee unless you have done something wrong or brushed against the norms/policies of the company. Remember you cannot affort to fight against corporate/company .

    The experience certificate which you are claiming will not help you if you leave on bad terms since company seeking reference will get adverse remark for you. You have to think logically and find a way out by approaching and settling the matter with the company.

    Avoid posting such things on net it will further damage your career if at all seen by the COMPANY….Avoid such things in life, If you point out one finger , several will be pointed out at you.