Destimoney Advisors India – Destimoney Advisors India Pvt Ltd

I had a similar call from an agent from d same company as above( Destimoney Advisors India Pvt Ltd) stating that there was a bonus pending in my name for a policy that I had suspended 4 yrs back from ICICI prudential. She sd the bonus amount is Rs 78k and in order to withdraw the same I have to pay them a Rs 15k.When asked about the security of d money that I put, she sd she is telling d truth and trust her..(I felt it quiet unusual and awkward and totally unprofessional). When I asked her about d same policy information she dint even know d policy number. I know it’s definitely a fraud/spam call but I am wondering how did des ppl know dt I hd a policy with ICICI and that too which was closed yrs back!! That’s something I am really concerned about..

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