Destimoney Enterprises Mumbai – Wrong information given while making investment

Their representative called me saying you are eligible for the bonus amount of 48000, however in order to avail that you have to make the investment of 15000 and withing 45 days bonus amount will be credited to your account. After making the investment of 15000 in Bajaj Allianz policy, they again called and asked me to make the investment of 20000 more because the bonus amount is increased to 1, 38, 000 . If not invested more then I will not get the bonus amount. After making the investment of 20000 in Destimoney mediclaim policies, they used to give me the deadlines that on so and so date you will get you bonus amount. Till now I have not received the amount and now they are not at all responding to my phone calls, they disconnect the call, keep it on hold. The information about the policies that they gave me was completely wrong which I came to know after getting the actual policy documents. These guys are fraud, they respond you very nicely till the time you give them the cheque for investment and post that they dont take care about you issues.

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  1. I had a same experience recently. The executive of DESTIMONEY DISTRIBUTION AND ADVISORY SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has called and told that your bonus amount of 53k is pending with us due the agent code is locked. If you want to unlock it pay 11k and within 45 days you will get bonus back. I contacted to my insurance company asked about it, they told me they have not appointed any person or any company for such thing.