DREAMZ GK INFRA – Complaint against DREAMZ GK INFRA for refund

I booked an apartment from DREAMZ GK INFRA on 1st ARPIL 2012. on 15th DECEMBER 2013 post waiting and due to presurrization from the staffs i had to cancel the flat. According to the written policy in my documents i shoulw get my money in 60 days. they give me post dated cheques which are march end and april first week dates. after depositing them they bounce. I cointacted the people and they assured 2nd time cheque wouldn’t bounce but it happened again.post this they assure transfer by RTGS and also give me an RTGS number but now again they inform that RTGS failed. I have never heard of RTGS failing in my life. They now tell they will give DD. its been more than 64 days than when i should be gettign my money back as per the builder’s rules.

mou m
Bangalore, Karnataka
Email: [email protected]

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