I usually don’t write any complaints against any one, this is my FIRST review in my life time and the reason is DS Max Staff’s.

DS Max working staff in office are the most “STUPID” people i have ever seen. They try to argue and they don’t understand customer problems. There are many such instances i have faced and letting you all know couple of instances.

1. DD Amount for Registration:

I received an email from DS Max registration team to prepare DD’s in the name of Subregistrar for the said amount. However after preparing the DD’s and submitting them to DS Max on the evening of day before registration, the concerned person from DS Max registration team calls me and say that the amount is changed and need to prepare DD’s with additional amount. (Please note this was said before the guideline value was increased in Karnataka). Hence our flat registration was cancelled.

2. MOTD:

After couple of months, i took some loan for registration and gave the DD’s with the increased amount (which also includes the increased guideline value, for which i have bear an additional amount of Rs.60,000/-). Inspite of following it with the staff since Friday morning, On a Saturday evening at 4:45 pm the DS Max staff calls me and informs about the MOTD which needs to be submitted for registration (Bank will be operational only half day on a Saturday).

DS Max is only concerned about making money and not meeting the customer requirements or care about their customers. Once they get their money they don’t bother about the hard earned money from a middle class customer. Upon all these their staff will never agree that they are committed mistake. They still feel that they are RIGHT!

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