Easygotrip – Poor bus service by the agent

I would like to share my worst experience with the worst bus operator – Sangeetha Travels, Bangalore booked through Red Bus.in

After paying 2 times more than govt A/C volvo bus charge, I booked the ticket through red bus service.PNR # TS-RB19299

As per the travel schedule on Friday 18-06-10 at 11.10 P.M., I have arrived the travel office at 10.30 P.M to catch the bus. In the traval office more than 40 poor Customers – ladies, kids and gents stood outside the travel office to get the bus on the road. The road side liquor shop bad smell and the drunker walking that way also made the atmosphere very ugly.

To get the boarding pass, I tried to enter into the office in the crowd of 25 people, I got it after 15 minutes of struggling inside the crowed to get the boarding pass.

Somehow I managed to got the pass and relaxed outside of the travel office. The clock touch 11.30 P.M.the bus number 8899 as per the agent was not arrived the location.

Meanwhile the agent’s assistance said bus is standing at the next road which is 200 mts from the office. We managed to took out luggages. But the bus not arrived.

Again we came back to the same office. Poor ladies also moved to and fro with the small kids and luggage at that time due to irresponsible information.

At last around 12 A.M. one bus had come. All the passengers asked to board that bus to reach other bus Sangeetha travel office. But no information about the magic bus 8899.

After 15 Mints travel we reached that location and again asked to wait for that mysterious bus on the road. So many adult lost the control they shout at the agent. No reply. One of the dog started barking against us.

Time reached 1.15 A.M.some other travel bus came. Travel agent asked some passengers to board that bus for the Chennai.

mean while during their talk, we understood that the assigned bus was taken by other travel agent and sent to Chennai, So, he did not received it.

I got the 2nd bus to board and the seat availability was allotted as per the availability in the bus which made our travel hell. The bus reached chennai at 7 A.M. which totally affected our morning schedule and work.
This type of idiotic service and stupidity in the management of the travel agent ruin the customers happiness and travel plan.

So, I really lost my joy of travel on that day which made my entire day unhappy.

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