ebus , r s yadav tours & travels – frauds, cheaters and gundas

All of the private bus services from Delhi to Lucknow like EBUS, R S YADAV bus services are fraud, cheaters, and managed by muscleman – gundas. . I had bought online, a sleeper class ticket of EBUS & had a harrowing time going to Lucknow. First of all it was some substandard bus (not to talk about any amenities here) from a different company (R S YADAV travels, TRAVELYAARI was written over it) which came late and boarding point was changed at last moment. Bus staff which was extremely rude (one was bharat, other bhagat – he was the gunda). They did not accept the ticket as sleeper, insisting that it was a seater ticket despite having ticket in front of them. On my persistence they told me it is R S YADAV bus services and not EBUS and I will be thrown out if I make any complaints. They were abusing all bus passengers alike be it women or young men as they had goons with them who were threatening anyone raising any issue. Finally after stuffing all passengers in the bus according to their own wishes bus left 2 hrs late from Delhi. They gave a seater seat to some passengers with sleeper ticket saying ticket they are having is not correct and forcibly left some passengers behind as there were not enough seats even after stuffing the bus. Actually they had sold more tickets (as it was a combined bus of all agencies) then there were seats in the bus. And now I know that all these agencies that we see on various sites send just one combined bus to lucknow in the night. They will keep on fooling till the last minute about the details of the bus and departure. After leaving Delhi bus kept on stopping every 1 hour for almost 30 mins at each stop and bus staff kept on claiming it was for refreshing despite protest form passengers who wanted to reach lucknow on time. At around 6.30 am smoke was emanating from rear side of the bus. It was stopped immediately and all passengers de boarded. There was no fire extinguisher in the bus and they were trying to douse fire by water while oil and petrol was leaking from the bus. At this time we all realized why they were stopping the bus again & again, they knew from the start that it was risky to take that bus but they put the life of all passengers in danger. In the 8 hrs of journey so far we had covered just 250 km and half of the journey was left. Realizing the gravity of situation I left the now under repair bus and boarded a normal interstate bus. I reached lucknow at 3pm, almost 8 hrs behind the scheduled time and could not do the work I had gone for. All this happened in capital of the country in a bus where majority of passengers were educated and middle class. Just think what these guys can do to others and when out of the capital city. But nothing much can be done about this as I think they have a strong clout. As a responsible citizen my advice would be not to go by any of these buses like EBUS, R S YADAV TRAVELS etc but try and book with UPSRTC (ROYAL CRUISE) as I saw their services and everyone praises them. By going with all other travel agencies you are putting your life and dignity at stake.

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  1. R s yadav bus traveling from Delhi to rupadiya m half litre water bottle dene k baad na bus stop ki na water diya gaya full night pyas se behal tha m very bad service
    Narender Kumar