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Reported By: Nehas3004

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In order to prepare for my November exam, I enrolled in the FRM course in March 2024. I was granted access to their system in March after I paid the entire amount of Rs. 28,000.

I watched one of the previous videos that the salesperson had requested me to watch, but I didn’t think the teaching style was very effective, so I decided to withdraw my enrollment.

I went to the first class because the salesman asked to attend and then make a decision. The issues now

1. Teh Bathc began on April 14 instead of March 23, as scheduled.
2. I only attended the first class for one hour out of the three hours that it was scheduled to last.
3. The professors completely failed to explain the subject (mostly due to communication problems).
4. The scheduled class on the 20th did not take place.
5. The second class, which was a soft skill session (a free session that isn’t even close to helping people pass the FRM exam), took place on the 21st. However, they kept this as a second class, essentially wasting the students’ time, because there was no teacher available.

I therefore chose to request a refund. Thus, all I completed was a one-hour lesson, a complimentary soft drink, and a book from the institute (which shouldn’t have cost more than 1000 rupees).
I requested a refund, but they took 8,000 rupees and only gave me back 20,000.

Could you please assist me in getting my money back? Since I don’t intend to [censored]se the book, I don’t mind if they deduct for it. Alternatively, I can courier it there.

I need my money back because Edupristine has already squandered my time up until now. I need to enroll somewhere else and study for my exam.

Please, if you could, assist me in getting my refund back.


How to file a complaint against Edupristine?

* Go to page
* Write Edupristine in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Edupristine.

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