ePay Kerala – Credit Card Fraud

On 0th October,2014, I received a call on my mobile. The caller, Neha Sharma(Mob. No. 9555536706), told me she was from SBI Card and appraised me that the system of reward points in SBI card is being abolished. It was informed to me that a discount card will be sent to my address which will make the existing card eligible to fetch a discount of 20% on all of my purchases.I was also informed that I will be receiving goods worth Rs. 7881 which included an arrow shirt, polo laptop bag and a pair of sports shoes, 12 EMIs for which would be deducted from the discounts received by me on the new discount card.
I received an OTP message from SBI card and on providing the OTP number to her innocently for availing EMI facility, I immediately received a message of transaction of Rs.7881 at shoppersbuys_EPayKerela which convinced me that I had been cheated and that she had fraudulently represented herself as a representative of SBI Card.
I have informed SBI and mailed the company to cancel the transaction and awaiting their reply.

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  1. i am cheated in the same way as you . i got call on 8/11/2014 . i also lost 7881/- same amount .did you get any solution ?