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Horror of a Story …..

Beware before you invest with such builders ….

On feb 19-2022 we visited a plot development by the name Excel Pebble Creek near sarjapura. It is a 20 Acre land.

1. First when we visited the property, they said only few plots are left remaining everything is sold. So we like one plot no.#54 (50*35) and decided to buy the property.

We met with the General Manager (Mr. Rajesh). aged around 45 – 50 years. He will talk very sweetly while you buy the property.

Note : – He told us that we need not verify the property documents, since this property is verified by all the leading banks and we don’t have to waste our money in verifying with the lawyer.

2. Then the next day they called and told us someone is going to come and book our plot, so if we want the land we need to immediately pay the down payment of Rs. 50,000 and book the plot… which we paid immediately as no time was given to us to discuss with family or check anything further.

3. They gave us partial documents for the land and told us to make the 20% payment after 15 days. Then we gave the documents to our lawyer to verify the documents.

4. Once we gave the documents to the lawyer, the lawyer told us this property is been sold from 2013 and till now the property is not sold. And there are many cases opened and closed by many people… so lots of litigations on the property… Then the lawyer gave us a list of missing documents to be provided… they took about a month to provide only few documents and the rest they didn’t provide… And they kept on asking for the 20% payment else they will cancel the property. Forcibly we have to make the 10% payment….

5. In the meantime we came to know a person by name Mr. Ramesh has put a case since 2008 for the 7 ½ acres of land which he owns in Excel pebble creek.

6. Case no# WP12056/2008. This case is going on since 2008 and currently is in High Court and the judgement is pending…. So these guys have been selling litigation land since then ….

7. When we confronted them about the case first the totally denied it. And when I gave the proof that judge is awaited they stopped picking the phone and when the picked up the phone they said it is a bogus document and there is no such case.

8. Finally we decided to cancel the property and then they said they will deduct Rs. 20,000 or Rs. 50,000 and the remaining money will be refunded… based on the amount paid to them.

9. Now comes ( Ms. Swathi ) she will be in charge and the only point of contact between you and the management. And she will not allow anyone to meet the higher ups in the company. And she will always tell us that the directors or the MD’s are not available.

10. Once we proceeded with the cancellation  they will tell you that it will take about 30 days for us to receive the refund, but they will take about 2 months or in some cases more than that time.

11.This period will be the horrible time to follow-up with them for your own money, they will never lift your phone and will only message you that your money will be refunded next week, then they will tell us the directors or MD’s are not available and so on… the reasons will go on….

Finally they will not give your complete money as promised by them stating that it is company’s policy that they have to deduct that amount and will stop responding to you or take your calls….



How to file a complaint against Excel Pebble Creek?

* Go to page
* Write Excel Pebble Creek in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Excel Pebble Creek.

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  1. Did you get full refund later? This case is still pending and looks like they are registering plots, but not starting any construction. Can you please respond if u r seeing this message or share ur contact details.