Farud Darshan Walia – Darshan Walia doing fraud on Iran – India Business

Mr. Darshan Walia and His Son Mr. Sandeep Walia, Running a Export Co. 4S Export from Gurgaon, NCR, His Email id is, darshanwalia47@gmail and sandeep walia email is sandeepwalia108@gmail, and sandeepwalia08@gmail, there mobile no. 98109221xx, they fraud and cheated my 2.5 crores, and other 22 lacks, they cheated other agriculture traders and supplier, he is cheated the name of IRAN Business etc.. they are big thief, be carefull by them, we have some names to whom they cheated in Dubai, Iran, , Indore, Delhi gujarat…if they find somewhere report to Interpol, we already complaint sent to Interpol with there Passport, if you find, immediately call police to take them in custody

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