Fashionistas 365 – Combo set of 7 bra and panty which i have ordered from fashionistas 365 and received a fake and used product

Reported By: Anoushka Singh

Contact information:
Fashionista 365 Delhi

My name is Anoushka Singh and i am from Kolkata, West Bengal and I have ordered a combo set of 7 bra and panty from this website and received fake and cheap product and only 3 of them and with filthy packing and pungent smell in the pack and the product looks used and faded too with disgusting packaging and smelly product with bits of cardboard in it and dust all over in the package and nobody can use such kind of products and its looks very unhygienic too so i want my ₹599 back as refund and compensation of correct product without any further payment as my grievance redressal as soon as possible and this kind of cheating is very offensive for a student of my age who has to bare her expenses later on with weak financial background currently and i have to move out from Kolkata after sometime for my university program and such kind of website cheat on people and play with their time, money and the belief of a customer is ruined because of such websites and sellers i need my compensation back and i am just a teen student who is also facing financial difficulties currently which means we are not so stable currently still tried to pay the money for this product and i paid the charges from my college savings please help me to gain a better quality product and the price which i have paid for the third class product early in the morning please resolve this issue as soon as possible so that i can receive my money back and use it for a better purpose and on a better and trustable website. I need my money back please I don’t have any sources of income and lost my savings too for this worst product and this is the first time i have received such fake and bad quality products and it is completely different than the picture displayed on this website . I hope my complaint will be registered and my compensation will be payed off will the actual amount of ₹599 . This website advertises its product either on chrome or on YouTube which grabs the attention of customers and they tend to buy products from such deals with attractive prices which result in such kind of cheating and receiving cheap and third class products. A website like this should be banned from internet and compensate people who have been cheated by the website please please please help me to receive my money back from the website please 🙏🏻 . Hoping to get a positive response and compensation of my money back. I have lot of expenses to bare and I cannot afford to lose my money because of such fraudulent accounts also the forum which is going to provide me justice should punish them for the kind of fraud that they are doing with many people who are trusting that website and ordering products from them.


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