– The product that have been sent to me is not even close to what I ordered.

Reported By: Baishali Mondal

Contact information:
I am complaining about the third class business of fashionistas I have ordered #55668746 but I received some cheap damaged product. What I ordered had 6 bra and six panties but then I have been sent only 3 product which is not my size and not what I ordered. When I tried calling their number I could not reach them also. Third class product which is not acceptable at all. Kolkata

I ordered a pack of six bras and six panties, order is-#55668746, and I received only 3 bras that also cotton material and cheap shot and not of my size and I have paid 599 for this. To me the site is fake and if I am not responded to I will make sure to make this public and I will make sure no one ships from here. My customer Id is #113893NFT

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