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Reported By: Dhwanee

Contact information: MUMBAI
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Fiminga products are fraud.they provide cheap material in the name of providing quality products.The product which I ordered was such a blunder to me . My money was completely wasted on the product which I ordered. I was very unhappy and started looking for the websites return policy but did not find.then i realised that this was a fraud done to me .so now i am complaining to u .plz help me to get my refund so that these fraudsters realise that they are not smart.i am seriously looking forward to your reply on my email.Plz plz help me with this pathetic thing to handle .Next time i will never directly order anything on such websites on Google rather would do this on an app.i am apologizing. For mistake i am very unhappy and my parents started shouting at me for doing such a stupid mistake becoz they think i wasted their hard earned money .i wil definitely not order anything from such websites after this incident for sure.I am highly very unhappy unhappy unhappy .this fiminga is a lingerie company and always showcases it’s advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to attract naive consumers and consumers get attract by these fraud offers which these people put on their websites and buy these products .as a result of which they loose their money and they start searching for their refund which they don’t get from these fraud websites.the website on which I tried to do a refund was searched for this website on Google and did not find any such website instead people have complaint on this website on consumer court for the same reason then i was sure that definitely this is a fraud website so i am now complaining on your detail .
My order no was #1283340
And invoice was # FMN53071
And my order came on 21-11-2022
I lost Rs. 500/- on this useless product.plz help me get my precious hard earned money i am regretting that why did I ordered this from such a company i am very very sorry for this mistake. And owe to do a help for this one .plz plz help me.
U can email me for any further information for further investigation.

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