Finance team at Swiseland – I converted 300 Image to pdf with 96.666% accuracy.i lost my money

Reported By: Musthafa

Contact information:
Finance team at Swiseland Andhrapradesh

I got a call from agent (kiran-ph:9133909353) for 300 image to pdf convertion job. the call was in Andhrapradesh and he speak malayalam well. After I completed work. he told project activation code will be available through the ivr call. But not only did the call not come but also said that I didn’t attent the call so he asked to pay Rs 680(to upi id:9705110657@airtel) to get activation code through message. Then I start to getting messages. I got user name and password to login site( But I can’t transfer amount because “you can withdraw money only if you add rs 1666 in your wallet”+ for processing fee, so I sent it through phone pay to same upi id. After few days no response, so I called him. He said only recive salary after clear POCR(rs:6500). Due to finacilal problem i rejected and want my money back. So he said if you need half salary send half pocr to finaceteam@kottak, but I rejected. So he told me send NOC through mail. Content in mail his sugesstion. After that no response. Few days later I received message clear 369 for document charges. But I call is busy also whatsApp not active. whole process of cheating their completed in 1 month peroid.

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