Flipkshop – They looted my 100000 rupees

Reported By: LA Sudeeksha

Contact information:
It is an online platform
https:// flipkshop.com/index/user/login.html

There is a man whose named is Roger contacted me on what’sApp and me do i want a part-time job. I said yes so that I bear my monthly expenses. Then he send me a link of flipkshop and asked me to create a account on that platform. I did it. Then he asked me pay 100 to activate my account and to complete 1 task of VIP 1 level I did and withdraw 240 rupees then he asked me to join her tutor account on telegram whose name is Emily and said she will teach you how to proceed further. I joined her account and she asked me to pay 500 rupees to complete 3 task of VIP 2 level but in the process of completing 3 task they asked to 1500 of total to complete the VIP 2 level i did it and withdraw ₹1940. Now they asked me to pay 1000 to unlock VIP 3 level and they didn’t tell me what’s going to be next. I paid 1000 and there are 15 task to complete. In order to complete the 11 task it took ₹17922. Then i asked to them to quit it and refund my money but they you have to complete all the task to get your money back. so I asked them how much money is required to complete all the task. They said they don’t know it is random task pick by the platform. I order to complete all remaining 4 task it took ₹87,765 and then they said it took long time so there is 1 more task which I have to complete and asked to pay 30,000 more. I paid them by borrowed money from my friends. when I asked them to withdraw my money as i completed all the task as per their policy. They told to me apply for the whole amount which was 3,74,768. I applied for the withdrawal. Now they again asking me to pay 10% of the amount which is ₹37,476.8 and i am not able to pay this amount as i don’t have money. Now they are not giving me my money back and giving me excuse that it is the policy between mall and bank and it is handling fees which is required to pay and only after that my request will clear from NPCI to withdraw the money. I paid them over 1 lakh rupees through Paytm and GPay. I have all the proof of chats and the screenshot of payment. Please help me to get refund my money which they looted from me by making me fool. They are continuously doing the same with thousands of people daily. Please help. I am a college student how will I return money which I borrowed from my friends.

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