Fortis Escort Amritsar – carelessness of hospital

My father,ex serviceman, was admitted in FORTIS ESCORTS,AMRITSAR on21-10-13 for the treatment of BREATHLESSNESS/HTN as per hospital record under IPID NO 77326 &UHID 100/20794 . After keeping one night in OT RECOVERY and going through other preliminary investigation he was shifted to Ward on 22-10-13 at about 3p.m. On 23-10-13 at 3.30 a.m.My brother, who was attending my father, suddenly noticed problem of breathlessness to my father and immediately intimated to the person in the ward and consequently he was taken to the OT RECOVERY at 3.44a.m. My brother gave me missed call and on reverse call I was told about the problem of breathlessness to my father. I was the person who got my father admitted in the hospital and at the time of preliminary investigation, all details related to the disease and the history of previous treatment was explained to the doctor. On reaching the hospital,I requested doctor to give him the same treatment as it was given earlier at GOVT. HOSPITAL TANDA {H.P.} when he suffered the attack and than was taken there after covering the distance of one hour. However but I found that my father was on ventilator and he was not showing any signs of visible senses or response.
The doctor, who was on duty at that time, told me that he has given injection to my father to give him rest and the doctor further told me that my father will be in senses after few hours and further action will be informed when SENIORS come and made us to leave the OT RECOVERY. In between nobody was allowed to visit the patient. At 12PM when the visiting hours time started, I visited the OT RECOVERY and found that nothing has been done yet and When I raised the question they called NEURO SURGEON who told that it is case of brain damage and he should have been called earlier.
Sir ,here I would like to bring one more thing in your notice that my father was suffering from BREATHLESSNESS problem from last three months and in these three months he had faced two same attack as he faced on 23rd oct.2013 morning. But the treatment which was given to my father was totally opposite as given earlier. In earlier treatment, the doctor suggested that during treatment patient should not be made to sleep as if he sleeps he will be silent forever .At that time doctor after taking all test pertaining to heart, brain and other vital partsput the patient on oxygen which lead to reviable. I have explained each and every detail of past decease and treatment to the doctors{ who handled the admission } at the time of admission. But this time doctor put him on ventilator and gave him injection which is used to bring the patient unconscious as required for ventilation . When I questioned the doctor for this treatment , he answered that that BP was very high at that time and to control the BP he have to put on ventilator . But the BP was noticed at that time was near about 200/120 and this was not a very big danger for my father because many time the BP of my father touched this level. And it was not so high which caused for damaged the 90 % brain.
In my view , due to the injection {which was given to my father to put on ventilator } brain could not received the required oxygen and cause for brain damage. It is my humble request that entire treatment must be investigated.
Including all above , many other type of carelessness I have noticed like :-
1. The communication gap between the concerned doctor and the attendant of the patient
Means many time , I try to meet the doctor A.K.Chopra who was mention as doctor of my father in papers. But uptill 24/10/13 I failed to meet. All the time the front office staff said he will call you after 10 minutes. I don’t know the definition of 10 minute for doctor A.K CHOPRA and front office staff . At last I meet with MADAM PAYAL who is the member of management of Fortis Escort Hospital Amritsar and explained my all problem then she made arrangement. So 24 /10/13 at 12:30 pm I could met doctor after 3 days of admission or we can say one day before death of my father.
2. Doctor and nurses did not know even the blood group of my father after the 3rd day of admission

As I have mention that my father was admitted on 21/10/13 but untill 23/10/13 when they had to infused blood the nurse asked me the blood group of my father and only than they took the sample of blood for checking the group which is a case of extream carelessness and negligence.
It is very important point extreme carelessness
When my father was unconscious and was in OTR and ICU I asked doctor for further action then they always replied that only when the body of my father respond ,they will try to drain the clout or can suggest further treatment. Between 23 to 25 /10/13 me and my family noticed twice daily the movement in the body of my father during attendant visiting hours but doctor always refused and said it is our doubt .But on 25/10/13 in the presence of doctor A.K.Chopra and one doctor from ECHS AMRITSAR,who visited after my complaint with poly clinic echs AMRITSAR FOR MAY BE VISITED AT the instance of hospital authority, my father made two very big movements of his hand and leg. Only at time doctor agreed on the movement.however the staff attending my father said to be taking care for 24 hours did not notice any movement in my fathers body where as same was notice by us in few minutes during visiting hours .
It is not end of the story .After seeing the movement in the body of my father my sister asked further treatment.On saying this Dr. A.k. Chopra said the the BP is very low so I can not do any thing. When my me and my sister requested the doctor to control the BP the doctor misbehaved and said suggest the way how to control.On this Than my sister requested that she is not a doctor and only he can find out the way.
To sum up negligent , carelessness and casual approach of the hospital in attending to the patient and not taking appropriate steps for immediate proper remedial treatment during crucial hours of need has resulted in irreparable loss to the life of ex-serviceman. We tried to procure the record of treatment which they have given us reluctantly and it appears still some information is missing. The information which they gave to us is attached for reference.
Our request you to investigate the details and record of the entire treatment so that such carelessness shall not repeated with other patients.We are always ready to be evidence to this investigation.
On 25 /10/2013 immidiate after the visit of echs doctor from Amritsar, the doctors showed their callousness and inhuman behavior by announcing the death of the patient at about 8:40pm knowingly well that patient is from HP and body s to be taken at odd hours to his native place which is 250 km from AMRITSAR . At about 11 pm after completing all formalities body was taken to BAIJNATH .One can imagine the extent of meanness. Document of treatment from govt hospital tanda will also be send soon.

Quick and early action requested.
With regards
Meenakshi Sharma
D/O Sh. Krishan Datt Sharma

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