FourPirates Ventures LLP – Deceptive Practices and Disappointing Products – A Warning About Toxic Male Perfumes/FourPirates Ventures LLP

Reported By: Mohammad Firoz

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FourPirates Ventures LLP Surat

Deceptive Practices and Disappointing Products – A Warning About Toxic Male Perfumes/FourPirates Ventures LLP

I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Toxic Male Perfumes/FourPirates Ventures LLP, and it has been nothing short of a nightmare. Four days ago, I exchanged a Victoria Secret Perfume pack worth Rs 3299 + Rs 360 for returning this product as shipping charges to their head office in Gujarat (Total Rs 3639) for a high-quality watch for a watch supposedly valued at Rs 3500. However, to my dismay, I received a non-functional watch worth a mere Rs 800. This so-called “quality-checked” watch, verified by Vishal, turned out to be a complete disaster.

To make matters worse, the promised complimentary neck chain and bracelet were nowhere to be found in my order, even though it was clearly mentioned that they would be included. The dispatch was handled by Imran, who seemingly fell short of fulfilling the complete order.

Adding insult to injury, when I reached out to express my dissatisfaction, the customer service representative, Krina, audaciously suggested that I return the watch through a courier service of my choice and use the refund to purchase their perfumes. Hold on, wasn’t this the same Krina who made me buy a low quality watch worth Rs 800 for Rs 3500 the incomplete and faulty order in the first place?

The deceit doesn’t end there. Despite their claims of providing a full refund if the product isn’t satisfactory, the company conveniently flip-flops on their refund policy. On Instagram, they assure customers of a full refund, but when push comes to shove, they conveniently hide behind a no-refund policy, insisting on exchanges instead.

To add insult to injury, they promise to refund the courier charges, a promise that is nothing more than a hollow assurance. Don’t fall for it – it’s just another tactic to keep your hard-earned money.

And let’s talk about their perfumes. I specifically ordered Tamdao, only to receive an EDP bottle masquerading as an EDT. The fragrance lasts a mere 10 minutes, a far cry from what was promised. It seems their commitment to quality is as fleeting as their fragrances.

In conclusion, Toxic Male Perfumes/FourPirates Ventures LLP is a company engaged in deceptive practices, delivering subpar products, and offering false promises. Save yourself the headache and steer clear of these scammers. I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy. Buyer beware!


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