Future Choice Club – Refund fr Holiday membership cancellation

Reported By: Nitish sapra

Contact information:
Future Choice Club

Date: 30th October 2022
Place: Holiday Inn Sector 90, Gurgaon
On 30th October 2022, we were contacted to attend a promotional event at Holiday Inn, Sector 90 Gurgaon for Future choice club, a holiday service provider.
When we went to the event, we were explained about membership plans by their sales executives Mr. Abhishek Verma and Ms Saumya where we pay one time lumpsum amount and avail holidays for 25 years in 4-5 star resorts across India and Asia.

We were constantly told that we can cancel our membership at any point in time throughout the membership after deducting pro rata amount of the years already used in the service.

We were also told that we can cancel our membership within 7 days of buying it with full refund and no deductions.

We were shown no terms and conditions until we made the payment.
After we made the payment, we were shown the terms and conditions which were different from what we were verbally told.
It was mentioned that 25% will be deducted while providing refund.

We objected to it but they forced us to sign by saying we will send you the updated ones on email, and we can still cancel our membership with full refund if we are not satisfied.

We bought the membership plan but later that night we say the hotels on their website and we were not satisfied with them.

We dropped an email to cancel the membership within 4 hours of buying it.

But now they are not honoring their commitment. They are saying we cannot cancel our membership at any cost for any reason. They are not even ready to cancel after deducting 25% of the amount as mentioned in their terms and conditions.

This is a fraud company registered just 3 years ago scamming people of their money.


How to file a complaint against Future Choice Club?

* Go to page
* Write Future Choice Club in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Future Choice Club.

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