Galgotias university – they are not providing basic facilities

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Reported By: rahul vij

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Galgotias university

Dear Sir/mam

I ,rahul a student of galgotias university wants you to be pay your attention towards the problems in the university.

The are not even providing the basic amenities ie water and electricity. Now the days are very hot so it becomes impossible for us to study in the classes without fans and lights. During the admissions, they told us that their buldings are fully a/c but they are not even providing us fans.

And the other thing is that that due to no facilities most of the teachers have left the university. So there are not much teachers now which is effecting our studies.

It sometimes becomes impossible to sit in the class due to no electricity. Day before yesterday one girl fades away due to so much of humidity.

So sir this is my humbel request that please pay attention towards it.

Thank you…

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