Genie Cabs – Unsatisfactory service and they do not rely on their words.

Hi i have called up to Genie cabs on 08033993399 on 10-11-2014 at 11:00 am in the morning i.e on monday.
One of them had attended my call and i have requested them to book a cab from Marthalli to Kenegiri i.e to Accenture Bang8 location. As soon has i have asked for them they said that the cabs are ready and they have booked the cab, i have asked the cab to come at 1:00 pm as i have to go to my office at 2:30 pm and i have even confirmed of the distance and the time it takes to reach the destination. And evrything went as expected and smooth and even the Genie cabs executive had said that i would be getting the cab driver details prior to 20 mins.
So that was from my end, later to my shoking experience i haven’t received call nor the message has stated by them regarding the chauffer details. And i have waited and finally i have received call from Genie cabs at 1: 10 pm one of the executive saying that “SORRY” we are unable to find the cabs currently in your location, so we cannot provide a cab.
These are the words that have been said by the Genie cab executive at the last minute i.e after 1:10 pm it is actually after 10 mins to prior to my booking time.
And the executive was in such a way that he is mere bothered of the customers he just says a keyword as Sorry how can a word help me out i have asked the executive to kindly arrange another cab but he seems to be not even listening to the customers.
If he really is in my situation and if i would be expressing in the same way as that of the executive how does he feel ??
And finally i couldn’t go to office who is responsible for this ?
I have called to them prior to 2 hrs but still at the last minute if they come up in this way where is the trust with the customers.
According to me its not only me who is suffering it would be every other person might be suffering in this way.
Every body is busy with their schedule that they are not free to go ahead and speak about this but now this has happened to one customer next it would be many other customers.
I you are really ready to arrange then please do arrange or do say on the first call that is not possible as the cabs are not available currently, but please donot just say a Sorry at the last minute.
Finally i would say is even for the minor mistake you should take it as serious.
The reason i have come up to post this is atleast some other customers like me shouldn’t face the same problems at the last minute.
Kindly provide me a solution to this.
Reference No: 31745606.
+91 9066776610.

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