Giri Darshan Housing Society – Unreasonable fine levied by Co-op Housing Society.

Giri Darshan Housing Society, Mhada Colony, Chandivali.

I am owner of a flat and member of Giri Darshan Housing society, Mhada Colony, Chandivali, Mumbai-72. The flat is rented out. About couple of months back 5 year old son of my tenant made damage to the society stairway. He hit the wall with a cricket bat and a small portion of the Stairway chipped and made some scribbling on the society wall. My tenant did honestly admit the mistake of his son and patched the portion of the wall. But in spite of that the society has levied a fine of Rs 2500 on me for the act of a 5 year old boy. In spite of repeated request the society has not been able to give me any rationale of why such a hefty fine, and are forcing me to pay the fine immediately.
I do not believe that the damage itself nor the act of a 5 year old deserves such an hefty fine. Please advice me on what I can do to have this matter resolved. I have met with the society managing committee but they are adamant on us having to pay the fine.
Nita Nair
Address : Powai-Vihar, Powai

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  1. Managing committee (my majority) can impose penalties on tenants (whatsoever the reason) subject to final approval from General body approval. Tenant can discuss the matter in general body meeting.