Giyscon Technologies – Fraud & Cheating

Aarkay Anand (Ceo of Giyscon Technologies) is a cheater as well as character less. He is taking money from employees while joining period and then he wont provide salary too.. And the best interesting character of Aarkay Anand is, if he will recruit any nice looking girl, He will stay with that girl at nights in his office and at last that girl will get pregnant.

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  1. Dear all,

    If you have any problems with the company instead of posting such useless complaints in useless places kindly take a legal actions.

    Naveen Chawla

  2. Dear All,

    I am working in Giyscon from 2011. The company is a registered company as a private limited and not hiring any employees from 2012. Giyscon is not charging from its employees . The company is renovating its operations so we are not hiring.

    For your kind information if any fake consultancies are hiring in the name of Giyscon Kindly inform us to [email protected]

  3. The Company had cheated many MCA student in 2009. I was among one of those. They came to Kolkata for campusing and give us offer letter in condition of paying 27000 rs/- . We had a doubt and 4 people including me went to Bangalore to see if the company really exist or not and we found the company was 6 month before in the mentioned place but now nobody knows about it. we called the interviewer or the then CEO (Sathiya ) but he didn’t answered also contacted agency which bring this company to our campus he also found fraud.

  4. Your complaint shows what’s your standard man. Am working from 2011 in the company We know about our boss and his character.