Glocia Hub – Wrong Product

Reported By: Jagruti Somani

Contact information:
Glocia Hub Surat, Gujarat

I have ordered for a Suit from Glocia Hub (a company based in Surat) worth Rs 1099 and ended up receiving a sub standard quality saree. I have been trying to reach their customer support but there is no answer from their end. It’s a fraud company and I’m so disappointed in them. It’s a request to please stop this company from running this scam business as many more people will get scammed the way I have been. Do not order anything from this site as it is a fake business which they are running and don’t be a victim of the same. I hope my complaint will get published as it is very important for people like us to know what exactly is going on. I called their customer service number +91 7740-962611 more than 20 times and no one picked my call. Also, highly disappointed to see blue dart delivering this fake company’s product as it is a reputed courier service company. Shame on you Glocia Hub and BlueDart as well. Also, I feel so helpless as I don’t know from where will I get my refund and it wasn’t a less amount for me. A very bad and cheap company making money by scamming people. Glocia Hub’s team will have to pay for their deeds and will suffer a huge loss. Please please please do read the reviews of the customers before ordering from any unknown site. Request to please publish this as I only want more and more people to know about this and not become a victim of the same. How will our India grow if we have companies like Glocia Hub running and scamming our own people. Again a huge huge huge SHAME on Glocia Hub. Publish this article as it is an honest and genuine review by a very disappointed customer who genuinely wants to save other people from becoming a victim like me. Suggestion for people running Glocia Hub- You have earned enough from scamming people and it’s high time that you guys go and start some real and genuine business. Kabhi sahi tareeke se paisa kamao toh pata chalega uski value kya hoti hai.


How to file a complaint against Glocia Hub?

* Go to page
* Write Glocia Hub in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Glocia Hub.

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