Gurukul Shiksha – Job offers

Cheaters in a bigger way. As a customer you will receive a call from Gurukul shiksha that your profile is selected by BIG GIANT COMPANIES with reals names like MAHINDRA,RENAULT,MARUTI and if you r interested will be asked to come online.
Once you r online, you will be connected to first person to Register your profile for which online payment for Rs.3000 or 5000 will have to be paid. If you ask them how much is to be paid, they will reply this is the only amount. Further after payment you will be asked to reply for another person to confirm your purchase.After transfer of this call a representative of Gurukul shiksha he will ask for more amount of Rs,10000 saying that this is a formality for the interview and the amount will be recovered by the company providing the job.We will also pay on a curiosity and the next call from Gurukul shiksha that for further processing of verification they will charge another Rs.15000 and being frustrated if you ask for any details they will not provide you and just will reply your any services will be disbled if you dont pay this amount. Hence you pay and finally

You lose as a customer. Gurukul shiksha gets big money by just talking to you over phone.


I, G.Sriram , have got good experience with this people.For any clarifications you can call me at 9940745736 or contact me thru [email protected]

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