GVC tours and travels – asking more money than on agreement

hello sir, i booked a self drive car from this company on 20th june for 48 hrs. A person named Gajendra Naidu who claims himself to be an armyman made a joint agreement for the deal. During the 48 hr period, some damage happened to the car.We went to the person after 48hrs having tried everywhre so that the vehicle cld be repaired. That person was bullying us to pay 25000 in cash for the damage which was far overpriced.We were ready to pay him 10k or in worse case a 15k. But he was very adamant and started raising his voice. He never agreed after a 4 hr discussion.He kept two cellphones from us as security.(Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S4). however in the agreement it is clearly mentioned that we have to bear a maximum cost of 15k if the damage is like that. And if the amount exceeds 15k insurance should be claimed. He has given the car in the workshop also and is not ready to claim the insurance. Still he is asking the rest of the money and not ready to return the phone.so please sir, do something about this matter.We are students and cannot tackle such kind of harrassment without your support. thank you.

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