Hathway Digital TV – Card No.000031345374 – Constant Cable Issues


I am facing constant issues with one of the set top box I have, the card number of the same is 000031345374 and the connection is in the name of my father Mr. Amrit Bansal. Earlier there was a change in the package such that sports channels like Star Sports and all were removed from the package. When I called the local cable operator to include the sports package I was told that as I have an old box I won’t be able to get the package on one of the boxes. This is really strange as if there is a sudden change in the companies packages then would the customer have to buy a new set top box each time?

Also from the last couple of weeks am receiving only few channels on this box and when I asked the cable operator he told me that the box is receiving weak signals and has again asked me to buy a new one for around Rs.1400. At the time to buying the connection when we asked the operator about the box we were told that they will take care of all the issues with the box and now they are asking me to buy a new one. The problems that I am currently facing are:

1. The box takes a while to start and to stop.
2. Get limited number of channels.
3. The channels take time like 30 mins to come and before that it gives an error information not available.

When we were being sold the connection, the operator told us that he will be taking care of any issues with the set top box in future until and unless it is physically damaged by us. Also, earlier when the box was working and the package was changed by Hathway, that time we were told that as we have an old box we can’t get the start sports add-on so, does that mean anytime in future if Hathway decides to change their package we might have to buy a new box? Wasn’t it Hathway’s responsibility to change the box then if they decided to change their package?

Also, the faulty set top box was previously replaced by the local cable operator Rakesh and when he was doing the same he replaced our previous box with this second hand box, when my parents asked him to replace it with a new one as this box looked very old, Rakesh told them that at that moment there was no new box so he assured us that we use this one and he will replace it once the new one comes and also assured us that he is there in case there are any issues with the box.

I have also logged a complaint for this over call and the complaint number is 110552014T00171.

I have sent so many mails to the nodal officer but there is no reply from her now.

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