HelloTravel.com – One Touch Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. – ClickIndia.com – Huge fraud selling vouchers for 3* 5* hotel stay and not giving any bookings

I would like to register my complaint for Hello Travel – One Touch Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. – ClickIndia.com. Hello Travels is a fraud company and must have made Crores by selling these vouchers and not giving any service. Form had name of One Touch Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. and ClickIndia.com had heavily marketed them. So many email ids, company names, phone numbers (even address was wrongly given) Had received confirmation of registering with them from Clickindia Promotions on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 My Order Id was:- 10491396 and Bookind was:-200001541 (Purchased Rs.6995 package) Paid DD for Rs.750 by DTDC courier on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 They work with different company names and keep only telephone line for servicing while use several mobile numbers to sell these vouchers through sales team. Sent filled up form several times – very intelligently they delay in replying till you try a lot to get through and give funny reasons for rejecting form! Amitt Parikh amitt.parikh@yahoo.in Mumbai

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