– Product not received

I actually was checking out my facebook and happened to see an add from regarding summer sale discounted sunglasses from Ray Ban. It also claims that this is the company website.

I have ordered an item from the below site & also received an confirmed order number via mail from [email protected]

When I went to the for updates on product shipment, they show that they are under maintaince & contact [email protected].

I have written an email for both the email address mentioned above but I didn’t receive any reply for the same.

Now I doubt this to be a fake website. If this is true, how was it possible to place fake website’s ad in facebook page ???? Does facebook take responsibility of the illeffects of these sites ???? Facebook is suppose to answer these issues being such a reputed company

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  1. yeah these guys are fake only i even i lost 8k for buying the headset, any possibilites to catch them.