Humsafar Holiday – Fraud Company Don’t Book

Reported By: Suresh

Contact information:
Company Name: Humsafar Holidays
Place: Noida, Delhi
Contact Numbers: 9891586563 / 8745831325 / 8750347826

I have submitted Tour enquiry in google and i got call from Humsafar Holidays on 12th October 2021 and mentioned her name as Kavitha her contact number is 9891586563 and asked for my plans and i shared what i want and i got a package to Manali from Delhi on that day itself and i asked for options etc., and finalised the package for Rs.70000/- for 8 adults 4 child and 1 Infant. And then they asked me to pay token amount for confirmation and i paid Rs.5000/- as token advance on 27th October 2021 and they asked me to book 50% before 30th October as Diwali vacation is coming so will complete the booking process by that time and i paid Rs.30000/- on 30th October, so as a total i paid Rs.35000/- (50% of total cost) by 30th October 2021and i got acknowledgment receipt from their end and said i need to pay the balance amount of Rs.35000/- on the day of Travel that is on 16th December. But i got message from Kavitha yesterday (22nd November 2021) and asked me to pay balance amount for room booking, so i asked about their payment terms and they were like blah blah and as of Seasonal time we need to pay in full etc., so i got something fishy as checked online for reviews and i saw lots of cheating reviews which am facing the same one and again they were asking me to pay the balance to book, so i asked them to book rooms with the 35k i paid and after confirmation i will pay the balance, but they are not ready to do that, so i asked to show their registration certificate or gst number of the company and they said they can share that, am wondering why gst number cant be shared, then i asked for company address as i dont see that in website, i said share the company address i will ask someone to pay in person directly and their reply was Visitors not allowed i got wondered REALLYYYYY??? so i fixed they are cheaters, so asked for refund and they shared email id and i requested for cancellation today (23rd November) and they said it will take 20 to 51 days for refund, and suddenly i got call from them just before (02.31PM on 23rd November 2021) from 8750347826 and said they cant refund the payment. Am attaching all proofs of package details, payment confirmation receipt, payment screenshot of which i made etc., along with this for reference.

And discussed with my advocate and i am taking this forward legally as they cheated many peoples like me and they will do in future also, am ready to meet the expenses for the same, if anyone wants to join mail me at ready to join hands together. These kind of peoples are shame for our society and they should be punished.

How to file a complaint against Humsafar Holiday?

* Go to page
* Write Humsafar Holiday in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Humsafar Holiday.

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  1. Hi Suresh,
    I’m ready to join with you. I’m also in the same soup and let’s take this legally forward. I’ve spoken to Vishal of Humsafar asking for refund and he said the company is closed. I’ll contact you on your email soon. These guys should be behind bars and harassed the same way how all of us have suffered. He said, he wants to talk to me and come to Delhi.. when I asked for address he said he cant share the address..

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