Humsafar Holiday Noida, UP/Delhi NCR 201301 – Fraud, Cheating, No Refund, No Invoice

Reported By: Ananth

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Humsafar Holiday Noida, UP/Delhi NCR 201301 UP/Delhi NCR 201301

This travel agency is fraud. They don’t have any idea or contacts. Sumit Tripathi contacted me quoting 58,600/- in comparison with competitors promising breakfast and dinner. Post that he asked me to do the token booking of 2K and then 50% for confirmation and remaining amount will be paid upon arrival. Then Vishal called me up and told this is a special offer package and we need to make the complete amount to avail the benefit. After couple of days they called again and told prices have gone up so that you need to pay extra and the amount was 1,29,800/-. One week before the departure Sumit/Rahul again called stating they’re not able to manage the trip within 1,29,800/- and I need to pay 40,000/- finally I asked them to cancel it for which they informed they’ll refund 10K. Somehow I arranged the money and paid 36,000/-. Please note these guys will change their names as they change their dresses. They’ll harass you by asking more money repetitively without giving any proof/invoice. The only proof they send is via email that amount is received. They wouldn’t even share the amount paid to hotel and their contact details.

In simple words what they do is.. they will take money from you, make hotel bookings via MMT, OYO, etc.. and loot in the name of GST by charging 18% and ask extra money multiple times else they will ask you to cancel your travel and with no refund/2% of amount paid. They are totally fraud. These people can’t even speak decent English.

This package was inclusive of breakfast and dinner along with parking charges. During the tour they state that you need to spend from your pocket and later they’ll refund. After producing all the bills, Now they’re telling I need to wait till Nov end for refund to happen since it’s Diwali. I cant believe these guys with what has happened.

Please note to increase their rating their own employees are writing Google reviews. Eg. Sumit Tripathi. He is my point of contact and changes name as per their wish and will. It’s been nearly 3 months and I’ve not received the invoice. Please note these buggers are charging 18% GST while they need to charge 5%.

Summary: I’ve not received the invoice, refund, and they increased the package amount by ~150%. The agency is filled up with frauds like Sumit, Rahul whose behaviour is very rude and they literally threaten by saying do what you want. Since our money is stuck, we’ve to beg at them.

The hotel hospitality inn that they booked for us in Dirang is non existing. Even Humsafar holiday guys were cheated, so funny. I had to run on the streets of Dirang for more than 2 hours with my 6 year old kid in search of the hotel where its extremely cold that too in dark. These people have booked such hotel and they themselves are not aware of its location, nor phone number. In reality the hotel is non existent. Whosoever has been cheated or harassed by these folks, please file a case. These guys should know what is it like getting cheated.


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