icore group – Suggest me my mony return

Sir I am chiranjit sikdar my deposit mony icore group amount 80000 rupees machureti date 15 /05/2015 so suggest me my mony return



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  1. sanjay das behalf of Laxmi Das

    dear sir my name is sanjaydas my mother name is Laxmi das IDeposit money is 100000 one lakh scheem is term Deposit from 07.01.2009 TO 06.01.2015Those Time i have received warrant cheque no-860926 indasand bank but my machureaty date 06.01.2015 my money is not reaceived dear sir pls look this matter my ageant is biplob chakrabortty code-5BJA009556 MY CHEQUE FDR NO-101867 STATUS CODE-206192 LAXMI DAS CODE-206192