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IGNOU University ( Ravi P. Singh )
Address : Plot no -32,Navyug Block , Vishnu Garden , New Delhi -110018

Dear Sir,
I would like to provide you the precise and accurate information for fastest services and how I.G.N.O.U (The People’s University) located at (Rajghat ) New Delhi, cares for their student’s career.

 I.G.N.O.U.’s 1st mistake:-

It was me (CHARANJEET SINGH), a guardian and brother of a student (GURJEET KAUR) who awakens the sleeping staff of I.G.N.O.U. via numerous emails started since 8th November 2012 to remind your mismanagement to send us the study material.

It took complete 11 days for your mismanagement to wake up.

 .I.G.N.O.U.’S 2nd mistake:-

Instead of admitting their mistake and sending books material on urgent basis via courier they asked me to come and collect the same.

It was me who visited I.G.N.O.U office at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110002, personally to collect these books just worrying about my sister’s studies getting delayed just because of I.G.N.O.U.’s laziest staff who do not have track record, whether they have delivered the study material to a particular student, on time or not and that seems to be a big and difficult task for I.G.N.O.U.’s mismanagement.

If you cannot handle admission of number of students then why do you admit them to your university so as not to spoil his/her career with your poorest services.

For your kind information, each and every student is paying monetarily on due date to I.G.N.O.U. and if in case he/she is late to pay, they will be penalized for that since he/she is a student not a faculty!

Accepting the rules and regulations of a University, In return a student expects a quality service from your management.

I do have the Acknowledgement card details of GURJEET KAUR

Demand draft / payment in favor of I.G.N.O.U. was paid 4 months in advance i.e. on 3rd February 2012 for July Session(as stamped on your Acknowledgement Card)
Amount: I.N.R 3700/-(complete amount required for this Year before the due date)

 I.G.N.O.U.’S 3rd big mistake:-

Can a student enter an examination hall without an enrollment card? She was not even sent her enrollment number!

It was me, who was harassed for rendering duties personally to your University to collect the enrollment number.

As per the acknowledgement card with me, it’s written Date of Issue i.e. 19th November 2012 and for your information, it is same date when I went specially to your office to collect the study material.

As per the written records with me it’s approximately 6 months as a total for her to prepare her exams as well as to prepare her assignments.

As per my sister GURJEET KAUR, she said it took more than 2 months for her to prepare the assignment so as to submit the same on the due date which was 9th March 2013 and on the other hand she had to prepare for her exams for (M.P.S 001, M.P.S 002, M.P.S 003, M.P.S 004) in a very short duration of approximately 4 months.

Just imagine realistically, is it possible for a normal student to manage all these nuisances at a time done by I.G.N.O.U and tolerate by her as a student or should I say a victim of I.G.N.O.U.?

At the end of November she is getting the books. For your information, her first exam date was 1st June 2013 for M.P.S 001. You may count the number of days given to her.

We paid I.N.R 3700/- on 3rd February 2012 i.e. 16 months prior to the due date of exam. A dedicated University starts supplying study material exactly 12 months prior to exam date at their responsibility.

On the other hand I am getting advice that 7 months are enough for the study and she (GURJEET KAUR) is privileged one that she has got books within 6 months, that clearly shows, how responsible your management is! For me every single day matters and in her case, it’s a gap of 6 months. Who will cover this???

 For you 180 days gap doesn’t matter at all, from a student point of view every single day to study matters a lot which she lost by your mismanagement mistakes!

We should suggest international government organizations to change their study patterns worldwide to shorten the exam preparation time to 7 months only, instead of 12 months to save 5 months since I.G.N.O.U. is not capable and ready to deliver books 12 months prior to exam date.

After getting payment I.G.N.O.U is not bothered at all about delivering the services in return failing which, will only affect a student’s career.

I ask I.G.N.O.U.’s government mismanagement, are they not getting their big salaries on time while sitting on their relaxing chairs?

Why I.G.N.O.U. wants to remain least bothered about their services?

Instead of accepting their own valid fault and compensating a student, why they are blaming unnecessarily on the victim at her time of stress and depression?

From my side I have crystalized the complete matter from a student’s point of view, why GURJEET KAUR cannot prepare for 4 exams in 4 months’ time!!!

Counseling is suggested for your laziest mismanagement so they may understand their responsibility if they are getting their salaries on time or should be fired from their job on urgent basis without prior notice failing their responsibilities or speaking over the mobile phone while sitting on the duty counter.

It’s purely a case of harassment against I.G.N.O.U’s mismanagement. It clearly denotes fault of I.G.N.O.U. without any further explanation.

Kindly advise what you can do in this matter, considering it as a special case!

Else I have to register complaint on every single forum available online on this matter, proceed legally in high court and in rare to the rarest case if required, I will use media contacts to expose the working of I.G.N.O.U. before the common public. Additionally, I will use all legal attempts required to fight this case to get Justice for my sister harassed by your mismanagement.

Awaiting and welcoming your right decision for a victim in this matter, who is deprived of her rights by your University!


Charanjeet Singh
+91 9560728263

Charanjeet Singh
Address : Plot no -32,Navyug Block , Vishnu Garden , New Delhi -110018

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