Friends iict chromepet is the worst and dubakoor training center. instead of joining in iict chromepet we can do suicide. No trainer, No computer . Only one is there door and address. Waste of money .. IICT chromepet is totally Fraud guys…

48 thoughts on “IICT Chromepet – FRAUD DUBAKOOR TRAINING CENTER”

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      1. I dono who you are anyway good luck for your negative marketing boss. In this anyone can post any complaint about any concern so sad about it with any name. By Gods grace i do good work with my team. If you post negative things our concern dont care about it good luck.

      1. This site look so different because with my name do i scold. One thing i understood anyone can scold or talk bad about any concern. To know more walk in to our concern.

          1. Sathik sir ra thappa solathinga avaru oru company oda ceoooooooooo.. Ungaluku irruku Mr.Sakthi Sakthi .. Mathavanga elam sonba ivaru mattum theliuu.. Kandipa Kastapaduva da Nee..

    1. I dono which company you are from good luck for your negative marketing boss. Students one things you understand anyone can post bad about anyone walkin to company and know about it.

    2. Arshiya Fathima

      IICT Chromepet is the best SAP Training Institute in chennai and I had great time for SAP ABAP Training best SAP Institute in chennai.


    I wasted Around 20k for SAP training in iict chrompet. Please take action asap. Dai nenga illa velanga matinga da.

    Periya NIIT mathiri nenapu. counseling pannum pothu ennao sonneyada nayee.

    Friends if you want to join in iict think 10 times . They will not able to complete the course. Don’t waste your hard earning money.


    1. Yes I agree with IICT Chromepet is no one fraud center. I did M obile Applicationtraining in IICT chromepet. It is totally waste of Money . Very worst training institute in chennai. IICT chromepet fraud.

    2. Arshiya Fathima

      IICT is far better than NIIT. We had great time at IICT in SAP ABAP Training it the best SAP Training institute in chennai.

  2. Very worst training. No place to sit and learn. Waste of Money. I wasted around 20k for SAP. They said we provide lees fees and offers. Don’t believe this words. Even not worth for 5k.

  3. The above post proves that iict is total fraud (sharing fake photos for what ??) images also fake .. Posting positive reviews in thier site. Guys please don’t waste your money.

    courses Not worth for even 10rupees . Frauds. Now Everyone know about IICT Chrompet.

    1. Gud Luck for your negative marketing and I have sufficient candidates in my office more over i am a trainer with PHD degree ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. We dono who are anyways many students agreed we are best thats enough you can post negative things we dont bother about it .

  4. its worst institute.. sathik is a fraud person.. he is ready to do anything if he got money at end of that.. i’ve to blame myself to join there for sap course.

    1. Since we are providing good SAP Training in Chennai you are talking like this. Anyways good luck for your negative marketing. No one can stop us with this false information. ANYONE CAN POST ANYTHING ABOUT ANY COMPANY SO WALK IN TO COMPANY AND KNOW THE TRUTH.

  5. waste_your_money

    waste your money by throwing in sea. never spend single rupee in iict chrompet or sathik. planned to learn sap mm in fast track (10days). its been a month over now. worst faculties and worst management. never prefer this one.

    1. Did you learned SAP MM in my company great joke boss. Good negative marketing and gud luck for it. We have enough students for SAP MM. God grace we are doing good job. Any one can post anything here i understood so different .

  6. Yes. We are having some trouble with previous students. We settled them. Please delete this complaint and save our business. I’m unable to do anything. Please please delete this complaint

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  8. What ever negative said about IICT chrompet is 100% true. They are the worst training and totally unprofessional in teaching SAP to their students. I would rate them 1 out of 10 in delivering the subject. Guys please don’t waste your money with IICT chrompet. Do not believe even a single word from this cheater sadik, he will make all false commitments and his so called faculties and consultants are all rubbish fellows, fit for nothing idiots.

  9. Guys for God sake please believe me, I too did not believe the negative comments written here and joined a SAP course, but as the course proceeded, I understood that the trainer had nothing much to deliver for more than 6 hours. The course was concluded after 20 hours of mere bullshit and the trainer said, that’s the end of the course and believe me he did not even cover 20% of the module, which is supposed to be covered. These jokers do not know anything about SAP, each joker is training 3 or 4 modules. They are not working in any companies and just know the basics of each modules in SAP and fooling the students.

  10. My frustration is not ending, that I have lost my 20K with these ba$$tards. In spite of all my feedback and reviews about IICT chrompet, if anyone still joins for any course here, I would say, that is his bad time and he or she will one day repent for the wrong decision taken. Good luck guys and please go and join some good authorized or genuine institute.

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  12. This guy is a fraud,He’ll steal your money with fake promises,He will advertise like a professional but he and his team is criminals,Government should close these kind of fraud institutes.

  13. Your good knowledge and kindness in playing with all the pieces were very useful. I donโ€™t know what I would have done if I had not encountered such a step like this.