iiht calicut – sap fake institute

I joined sap fico course in iiht calicut.after siting 2 hrs I realised they were cheating me. I demanded back my mony.when they said it is not refundable I contacted iiht head office. They said we are not providing sap course any where. They taken my 10k. Is there any chance to get my mony back.


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  1. I done SAP FIGO from the same institute and the classes are extremely good and the faculty is very supportive.

    your claims are not at all relevant and its clearly mentioned in the receipt that once paid amount will not be refunded.

  2. I have done SAP HCM from the same institute and am totally happy on both in terms of training as well service.

    How com a person can analize the training quality with in two hours that too the subject is not familiar.

  3. Hi,
    Its purely your mistake.I have done ZAP FICO from the same institution.The classes are nice and the faculty is extremely good and supportive.

    No institution will be refunded the fee onece the student discontionued and its very well mentioned in the receipt itself.