iiht chandigarh sec:34/ cloud computing – faurad institute in india

“One of the faurad institute ” hi I am one of victim of iiht Chandigarh,its one of the faurad institute in India.I done my cloud computing course there and waste my 1lakh rupees.The faculty at there is nothing then a team of fools and donkeys.I know some fools members of iiht Chandigarh Mr sanjay singh one of the worst trainer of my life.and a persons that believe making students fool.but he doesn’t know he is donkey.second person is Mr ashwani gupta,he is nothing more than a Donkey. third person Mr kartik ratri,he comes at the time of fees collection.and give big assurance to students that they placed them in a good companies.but they do nothing even they not pickup call after course completion.last person is Mr dev jyoti,I refer him as a donkey¬†.these all members plays important role in destroying students life.please don’t go there else as u wish.also one more important thing they not give course certificates after course completion.

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  1. IIHT provides Plaxcement Support, i.e.maximum 5 job Interviews, There are students who have got a Job of CTC upto 8 Lacs and few have even got a jobs to 3 Lacs CTC, Depending on there Caliber of the student to undersatand and learn the technology. We have seen many students who just join classes and do not sincerely attend classes but just start speaking of Placements.kindly write a Mail to info@iiht.com and Share your contact details. Also please understand This kind of Unparlimentary langauge will not be entertained.