and tyco fund investment company – They looted 350000rs please stop investing in this companies

Reported By: Suresh raju

Contact information: & tyco fund investment company Hyderabad

I searched for part time job I found earn upto 5000 in that contact WhatsApp they told me some tasks first they will start with 200rs after they will tell to try withdraw after that three more tasks is there you will get profit in that after they will start with 3000 ,30000,100000 and end with upto 500000 for completing tasks you can withdraw full immediately after completing tasks how much you done profit in that you have to pay 20% tutor commission after sending tutor commission only we can help for withdraw full amount immediately after that you don’t have to pay anything to our company after paying tutor commission your profit is big amount for transferring to your bank account you have to pay federal tax 200000 after that only we can help you for withdraw full amount immediately please inform your friends and relatives to avoid this kind of fraud investments and fraud companies and one more thing they started in 21-July 2021 contract only four months 19-oct 2021 website contract only 4 months they took permission to fraud people to take money I’m giving image also please check

How to file a complaint against and tyco fund investment company?

* Go to page
* Write and tyco fund investment company in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from and tyco fund investment company.

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  1. I also encountered a similar problem, but I always chose the lowest amount of 200, 3000, 3000, 50000 to complete. I also looked for a lot of proofs on the Internet. With the help of my family, I completed all the processes. Thank myself. Persevering in the process, I was very upset and apprehensive, and I couldn’t sleep well. God really took care of me and made me profitable. Persevere.

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