innovative consultancy thrissur – experiance of a jobseeker

This not a job advartisement.This is the experiance of a jobseeker.please read this


After completing ma degree i was searching for a job, i got a call from innovative cxonsultants thirussur saying that they wil arange interview for jobseekers.First they asked they need just Rs 500 only for the consultation fee and they will arange more than 10 interview with in 3 month.After one weak they called us by saying there is an interview but i need to pay Rs 3000/ for collecting the call letter.Unfortunatly i pad that also by trusting them.After that THEY DIDINT CALL ME for that 3 months even a single time.In that time sevaral updates came in various job sites from that agency regarding ma qualification but they didnt informed me and while i am calling to that number they didint told anythng.For that period i waited for their interview but they didnt arraged anyone for me.I tried sevaral times to get back my amount fortunatly i got Rs3000 out of 3500.Thank god.But they didint arranged any interview as they said when i paid the amount.May be some other person got job from thiz.but this is my experiance from ther.I AM ATACHING THE the CASH PAYEMENT RECIPT as PROOF WITH THIS..job seekers..pleas be carefull about this..


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