INNOVATIVE CONSULTANTS – Cheating Consultants they will not refund money

I got call from Innovative consultants and they told they are having job opening in Technopark and Infopark. They told to come to there office in trivandrum and told me to pay Rs 500 as registration fee. In the hurry of searching job i paid the amount. After few days they called me and told to come to there office to collect interview letter and to pay Rs 5000 as service charge for arranging interview and told me they will refund it if i dint got the job. I went to there office and paid the amount. After that i didnt get any call from them and when i called to there office they wont take the phone. When i asked for refund they told they will return 5000 rupees to my bank account and asked to mail bank details. After waiting for a month i called them, then they will say i will get money in account within 2 days. I didnt get my money back for 7 months. When i went to there office they will say there head office is not in trivandrum and they will only return money through bank account.

Friends please dont pay any money to this Innovative consultants.

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  1. Its one of the most fraud agency I have seen. I have paid 6500rs and even took leave from I job as they promised me a job with much better salary in a few days. But after receiving the money they hadn’t even took the phone. And they are really rude to the candidates. They told that they will return money in 90days. Its been just 45 days. If they didn’t get me money. Then am going to file a legal complaint on them in the near by police station. Please never go to them and trust them in anyways.

  2. Paid rs 5000 on July 2014. Gave 1 intrw with salary much less than they told while I paid 5000. Called to different nos. Several times, also went to office at vytilla. Each time they say will refund in 10 days , but nothing happened till now. Saw in this site several complaints, but no actions against such cheating.

  3. they are the number one job frauds ever in kerala.dont pay to them…. dont fell in to the girls tele calling…they only need is our 600+ 6000 rs…they dont ever give it back

  4. Similar incident happened to me also. I had a call from Innovative consultants. They asked me a registration fee of 600 rs.I went to there office at vytilla. After registration ,they told me that I have to pay 6000 rs which is service fee for arranging interview and they will refund if i didn’t pass interview. I saw this site and decided not to pay them any. I called the consultant and told her that they should also inform candidates about the service fee which she did’nt tell me.

  5. Dear Guys,Thank you all for giving your ‘s valuable reviews. 28/11/2015 i paid 600Rs for registration. Today i got call from this consultants,they said, your resume has been selected one of the oil & gas contracting company, If you want to attend this interview you have to pay 6000Rs, After only we can send your resume to this company and also you have to pay this amount before 1pm 30/11/2015. I am so many time i asked that lady for giving that company profile. But she has not ready to give that company profile.

    Now your reviews have totaly helpfull to me…… plz guys i am requesting you to all, plz give complaint against this fraud consultant, other wise this consultant will continue strongly. If you all go to court together, you all get justice.

  6. some people knows how to dupe others and some knows how to break their trust to very next level , exploiting the misery of jobless , believe of family members and money of the middle class .but very few knows to think selfless and for others , I deeply appreciate you guys who all had posted this info this moronic Fcukotaskik good for nothing company called Innovative consultany.
    I urge you to please file complaints with cybercell and police aginst them with frauding , playing with sentiments , false internet content , and fake ponzi job scheme in which a lot of people lost their money and hope in the job consultany and trust among others . if this is 2much atleast complaint in the official online consumer form .

  7. Ee poorimakalk athire action edukanm… Ammepannii poori rathishum avate kore vedikalum… Thrishur ooficile aa vedi … Ho avalokk engane aale ommbich jeevikunathilum nalath maamam vitt jeevikunnatha…

  8. Dayav cheyth aarum ee poori makalde aduth reg cheyaruth… Rethish… Thayolli avan avante amme vitt ondakiya cashin thondagiya agecy aanu innovative… Patti avarathi punda mon… Abdunno kittiya kore vedikalum ond koode… Avalde oke pootil molakupodi itt… Ho kartjave kalip theeranilalo