Insurance policy fraud calls

Insurance Policy Scams using fake IRDA names


I am writing to register a formal complaint against the rising insurance policy fraud calls that has taken the shape of a big scam in today’s world. I got a call from +919289223890, the person told his name as Aman, senior manager, DTC department of IRDA. He had all the information about one of my existing Metlife ULIP policy which is going in loss, and told me that the new policy from IRDA says that this loss can be recovered if I buy a new policy. After a few conversations, a sales manager named Shoiab Ali (+919911250127) approached me to collect documents (ID, Address Proof and Cheque) to start a new Reliance life insurance policy. By that time, I came to know about this scam (please refer to these links for context):

I had handed them over these documents but immediately blocked my cheque, I called them again to verify their identity and they have been avoiding me since then. I investigated and came to know that these are actually tele-caller companies who cheat customers by fake identity and luring false promises. The company which contacted me is called NET AMBIT ( and has office in Greater Noida. These guys are cheating thousands of common people on a daily basis, and I really want strict action to be taken against such people. I have already called IRDA and informed them about this, they also suggested me to go to police.

I hope prompt and strong action will be taken against these people,



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  1. Today I got call from +911409807200, stating that you have been cheated by your ICICI bank agent about your policy money. So to avail what that is yours, please help us with your ADHAAR CARD number and VOTING CARD number. When I asked him to meet in person to discuss such things, he said that he is calling from Delhi and disconnected the call and then again called saying that why did you disconnected the call. So I told him to hold the line and tried to call ICICI personal for help, but instantly that guy disconnected the call. I hope prompt and necessary action will be taken to punish these fraud people and save innocent people from being their victim.

    Rohan Singh.

  2. Today I got a call from 9268829688 mobile no. This person is asking me about my personal information and all the details about insurance. I am not given to him told him for secqurity reason I am not given to him. After some time I call back this number he told me this is IRDA crc department. Can any one told me is there any Dept or not?…..

  3. Hi,
    I got a call from this number 0140980763 saying that they are calling from “CRC Department, All Insurance Companies Survey Department, Govt. Of India” and they were asking for details of my Insurance Policies. They said that the amount deducted as Agent Commission can be refunded to me, for which I have to give them some security amount which will be refunded after two days. they asked for Rs. 82000 and said they will be sending an agent/ executive at home to collect the sum and the documents. This one looks like a Big Fraud.
    The person told his name was “Sunil Sharma”, and gave his mobile number as 7827229366.

    I think I should let them come here to collect the sum and then get them nabbed by the police.