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Hello, I recently purchased a IIT-G UX course from Intellipaat & the course coordinator told me that I will be enrolled very next day for the class but it didn’t happen they stopped responding next day & put me for next week’s class which is yet to be started I made some background check on different platform & passed out alumni’s who suggested me not to go for that course so before my classes started I asked for the refund because I found the course content for self paced learning was recorded in 2014 which is 9 years old(I wonder how can someone give us 9 years old course content & also the promise made by them are not accurate) the brochure they shared has 2 different claims that they will give me 3 guaranteed interview at one place & 10 guaranteed at another place of the brochure. I paid the fees by loan & I found it is not total worth for the price they have been charging. They charged 80k for the course. When I asked for the refund, they stopped receiving my call & made me wait for almost 2 days . Next day a support executive called me & tried to convince me. He promised few things where I was not convinced so he told me after all his convincing attempt that this course is not refundable. So, My question is they could have told me this earlier itself but they made me wait for 2 days to let me know that this course is not refundable again he gave me one option that I should refer my friend to their course of I give my friends as a reference then he would give me refund (DO YOU THINK ANY REPUTED PLATFORM WOULD DO THIS KIND OF CHEAP TRICK). I request you to help me from this SCAM company.


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