Janet-Mind.com – reading or my money back.

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I too get daily psychic readings from her and she kept saying that it was risk free, if I want satisfied I would get my money back. So for my birthday, a friend asked what I wanted and I said to pay to have this reading. So he paid for it. I got an email with a receipt, but never got my reading I paid for. My daily readings have continued, but she keeps asking me to pay for kinda the exact reading I just paid for. Ugg! No, I think I’m good, paying for one reading I never received is good enough. I did save 3-4 emails from her promising to give my money back if I wasn’t 100% satisfied with any part of my reading AND I saved the receipt she sent me, an email confirming my payment for the reading. I will not stop til I get my reading or my money back.

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  1. Barbara M. Gates

    I’m not sure but this seems very scrammish to me. I paid and received a receipt for payment but I only continue to get the same letters every day with the same request for me to pay. I’ve written e-mails to contact@janet-mind.com as requested if I didn’t receive a reading from her within 24 hrs. from the date on my receipt. This feels very unsafe to me.

    1. If you can see my future then you know I have no money you say money is in my future lots of thenwhy don’t you send me my lucky numbers so I can win the lottery an d I can pay you after I win at lease you could help a poor person out for once

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