Job search net – Blackmailing

Reported By: Nagaraju

Contact information:
Job Gujarat

Yesterday I receive the call from job search net. They asked me to give my adhar card and also open a link via phone call and asked to sign the form after that I will be registered freelancer of their company . but today I check the google and found that its a fraud company and immediately asked them I am quitting . I aslo want to mentioned here that the work load is very high. 600 resume filling within 7 days. They also charged money for extra days.Now they are saying you have sign the agreement and you have to pay a penalty of 5000


How to file a complaint against Job search net?

* Go to page
* Write Job search net in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Job search net.

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  1. I too experienced same experience of Asif Shaikh and Nagaraju . I too recieved a fake call from Job search Net he introduced me in the name Ayuish . Same Task of filling 600 resumes was allotted for 1 week. In between they very very eager to know about the work and asking extra money for the extension also so much blackmailing to pay the penalty of rupees 5900/-.They will not make as to read the form before that they are forcing us to sign in their agreement. This is not only one in the name of Capcha works, online job offering many fraud criminals especially named Pachimatla Sravan Kumar, a criminal lady Alakunta Ramullama are increasing day by day and looting money in injustice from the people . But I wondered why actions against them are not proceeding. Please consider our requests and complaints. Put these criminals in the frond of law.